PPG4 - Treatment and disposal of sewage where no foul sewer is available

Choosing the right sewage treatment and disposal method for your site is essential to ensure value for money, effective long-term performance, protection of public health and the environment, and compliance with relevant legislation.

This guidance will help you choose the correct option for your circumstances by telling you about;

- the sewage treatment and disposal methods available.
- the maintenance requirements of the system you choose.
- the basic legal requirements.

Sewage treatment and disposal can be provided by a sewer provider (that is the public ‘foul’ sewer) or by a private sewage treatment system. Developments proposing the use of private sewage treatment systems areusually only acceptable where connection to the public sewer is not possible. Although if a treatment systemis proposed that offers a more sustainable solution to the overall water management of the site, that might be acceptable.

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